We believe Customer Feedback and Customer Testimonials play an important role in shaping our company and the way we function . We regularly send our Surveys to all our customers to help understand if we helped them to the level they expect from us .We pride in having received over 1500 positive and encouraging testimonials from happy and content customers in the last year and a half .Here are some of those testimonials that we have received from people from all over India .

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  • "iRepair guys are fanstastic. I found these people more friendly and passionate towards iPod's and iPhone's compared to the guys in the Apple store. Prompt service and affordable price is their USP. I would suggest iRepair for one and all who need help on iPod's and iPhone's.

    Karunakar Bangalore
  • "Thank you Suneil and Harsh for getting my iPad glass replaced... You people are doing a wonderful job. Without your service I would have had to spend approx. inr 28000 within 3 months from purchasing my iPad. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Cheers...Ram"

    K Ramkumar, Bangalore
  • "I was a bit Skeptical about getting my 5th Gen IPOD repaired, but then i found this place and thought of giving it a try. Well... it was handled very well and amazed to see my ipod in almost new state.. Good Work Team-Irepair... "

    Adnan Bangalore
  • "thank you iRepair. Your service was excellent and the time commitments were adhered to. Plus the flexibility you showed in meeting my requirements was very thoughtful. thanks, u-Repair great!! "

    Ajai Bangalore
  • "Vey quick response and my phone was fixed in less than half an hour! Thank u iRepair! :-)"

    Sonali Bangalore
  • "Pretty good experience. I recommend Irepair team. "

    Jitendra Bangalore
  • "Response was very quick. Happy customer. "

    Drew Bangalore
  • "Great service, prompt and experts in their field.
    Highly recommended!"

    Rajiv Bangalore
  • "I had a chance to deal with Harsha to fix my broken front panel of iPhone 3G. Harsha is very professional, punctual & very very knowledeable. I am completely satisfied with their service and refer any of my friends here. Thank you Harsha... "

    Rajesh Bangalore
  • "Man, you guys are life savers!!! and the entire transaction was SOOOO smooth!
    IF any prob happens again ( which im sure will not), ill definetly send it back to you guys again.
    Real professionals! EXCELLENT!!!!"

    Sreeram R Bangalore
  • "I just had an iPhone 4 repaired by iRepair here in Bangalore. It took them roughly 24 hours to replace the screen and the home button. I have just finished testing the phone and it works flawlessly now!
    I'm very happy about the quality, speed and price of iRepair. Will certainly use them again if needed."

    Uno Steffensen Bangalore
  • "Although one never looks forward to undergoing repairs of any kind, after receiving my device back from these guys at iRepair I have the excitement of having a new iPhone. Worry free, friendly, with easy communication, I highly recommend the professional service and affordable price. "

    Pavi Kulu, H.P
  • "Thanks for replacing the battery on my ipod touch. You were very professional in the whole transaction, the job also was very well done. I hope this gives my touch a new lease of life"

    Jagannath Bangalore
  • "Thank you for an quick & excellent response. I never thought that my Iphone4 glass would be replaced in India, as i had bought it from Singapore. keep up the good work so that million of iphone users can take service from you in India. "

    Arun Prabhu Mangalore
  • "quick & efficient service,prompt phone calls by updating the customers ,keep up the good work,thanks Ajay. "

    Mamatha Mysore
  • "Very quick and good service. Didn't realize it would be so easy to get my iphone's damaged screen replaced. But you guys made it a breeze. "

    Pankaj Bangalore
  • "It's was very gud experience. If any problem in future for my iphone4 I trust you can help out in near future. "

    Nanda Kishore Bangalore
  • "Excellent service! I will definitely recommend iRepairindia for any Apple product problems! "

    Jayadevan Vijayakrishnan Bangalore
  • "Great work, i am very happy with the service. Thank you so much ..."

    Sabarinath G Bangalore
  • "Job well done, Customer Satisfied....!"

    Prasanna Bangalore
  • "My iphone screen glass cracked and when i looked for ways of getting it repaired (bought from US, so - Apple India ruled out!) - stumbled upon irepair.in . Testimonials were enough to stop my search. Gave them a call, and their person came near my office. Fixed it in no time right in front of me Amazing service!! Have told many of my colleagues about this service. SURE SHOT recommendation! "

    Rajesh Bangalore
  • "Thanks for unlocking the phone for me. My experience with the whole thing was kind of "weird". The whole operation was completed on the side of your house in Sadashivnagar. The street had minimal lighting. This was my first meeting with the iRepair and if we are talking about rapport-building I doubt if this meeting did any good Apart from this, everything else was executed as planned. I had no problems. "

    Asha Bhat Bangalore
  • "The experience with iRepair was excellent. I just had to give my phone for a screen repair and it was done within minutes.
    The entire process right from creating a work ticket till getting my phone working fine was highly professional. I have already started advertising iRepair to my friends.I am definately coming back if i face any issues with my Apple products. Good job!"

    Nihar Bangalore
  • "i would like to thank harsha and evryone else associated with irepair. the service was very smooth and it took no time for the engineer to change my LCD screen. Irepair is a very good combination of expertise and values. i would like to recommend this to every one who has a problem with apple products. apple service sucks to the core and they have a "its ur headache and just live with it" attitude. irepair on the otherhand resolves the problem at nominal charges. keep up the good work guys. "

    Vishal Bhatnagar Bangalore
  • I was very happy with iRepair's service. These guys really know their stuff well. My phone fell 2 stories down from my building and it was literally split wide open. Apple (UB City) refused to even touch it and said they can do nothing. I contact iRepair....and volla ! my iPhone was back in workable condition, at a reasonable price. These guys had all the spare parts required to fix my phone and I could not believe my eyes once I got it back post the repair. Not only do these guys know their stuff they are also very courteous and accommodating. I would certainly recommend iRepair's services to anyone wanting to get 'the apple of their eyes' repaired.

    Mohit Bangalore
  • "I appreciate the services provided by iRepair.in, in terms of quality,servicing and time.Harsha was extremely helpful with providing the most appropriate options which were financially feasible too.I m sure coming back if I need anymore help."

    Shweta Rao Mangalore
  • "Earlier in the day ,my iphone 3G fell out of hand due to which its LCD and touch panel cracked. I was zapped and tensed just by thinking of the cost and time it would take. i googled and found irepair. i fixed an appointment at 4pm and within 20-30 min my cell was back in action. Service is good. The amount paid for the whole can be debatable.Will keep a tab on my cell for any malfunction if caused so until then it seems to be good.Thank you Ajay and irepair team. Cheers !!! "

    Muthanna Ichanda Mysore
  • "I am delighted with the interactions I had with you guys at I-repair. Your approach has been very professional and systematic, besides being technically up-to-the mark. Hats off to your meticulous execution! Being in the field of embedded systems design myself and having been a part of startup ventures for the last many years, I am well aware of the challenges that one faces in this eco-system. The way you have overcome these is commendable. Look forward to intercating with you in future in many ways and also spreading the word about I-repair to my acquaintances. "

    Shantanu Bangalore
  • "I'm very happy with the service provided by Ajay. He was very prompt and quick. I would like to recommend iRepair to my friends. "

    Hamsa Bangalore
  • "The service given by both the guys are awesome. They think twice before offering a service. And once a word is given, it is kept. AWESOME service !!!!!!!! "

    Abhilash Gopal Bangalore
  • "Got replacement for iPhone 3Gs screen..service was quick and responsive...not forsee any post service issues. ."

    Vamsi Manne Bangalore
  • "the service is good"

    Mohammad Zafer Bangalore
  • "the service was good.my ipod is now working fine.no hassles.i would not hesitate to recommend to others.i would certainly use their servics in case.thank you. "

    G. V Reddy Bangalore
  • "Great option to have rather than be dependent on apple's customer service outlets. It will be great if you can extend from the neighbourhood coffee shop to the doorstep. "

    Vinod Kumar Bangalore
  • "Friendly, fast, proper and satisfying service. Highly recommended. Good luck for your business. "

    Marc Bangalore
  • "Great work in replacing my screen Ajay. And done very quickly too. Thanks! "

    A C Narendran Bangalore
  • "It was amazing how Harsha managed to fix an ipod which the Apple shop guys had said was as good as a paper weight. Thanks a ton "

    Mahimaa Ramesh Bangalore
  • Got the iphone screen fixed. Good service "

    Arun Bangalore
  • "I'm vry much elated wid da service by irepair india. Thnx for making my phone look brand new. "

    Akshay Reddy Hyderabad
  • "Excellent support prompt and timely."

    Shenoy Mathew Bangalore
  • "These guys do an excellent job on iPhones. I've had my 2G phone repaired twice with them and both times I've been very happy with their work"

    Sundeep Bangalore
  • "Excellent attitude towards work. Thanks to HArsha. I was able to unlock using the instructions. Really appreciate all your help"

    Nishanth Bangalore
  • "Really prompt and good service. Huge relief when i saw my iPhone screen light up again thank u! "

    Deepti Mangalore
  • "It was great to know of you folks who repair apple products. My iPhone was kind of down, and I couldn't use it as a mobile device no more. After I met you and got to know about your operations, and after handing over my phone to you, I was pleasantly surprised to receive it back the next day, with a new battery, upgrade and overall better functionality than what I expected.. Thank you and wishing you guys all the very best in your endeavours. Keep giving your best....! Cheers!!"

    Prasad Shetty Bangalore
  • "Great Guys, got work done in a jiffy, pleasent bunch of guys, can be trusted, wl guarentee tht, Harsha thanks for savin my time buddy. Any Iphone problems, catch hold of these guys al u guys out there."

    Dr Sadiq Mangalore
  • "Promptly arrived on time and serviced my iPod. Quality of battery needs to be verified over a period of time. Cost of the battery is perceived to be high.Appreciate quick and promt service."

    Sreenivasa Murthy Mysore
  • "I really appreciate the speed at which you guys are working. I wanted to ask you to come and check my phone once at my place and you had done that before I could ask you. Thank you very much for the quick/appropriate service. I would love to pass on the feedback to everyone I know. Good job guys. "

    Ajai Kuamr Bangalore
  • "Lost hope on my iphone 3G as it was hanging and non of the sites gave any info...took it to irepar and was called in the next 1hr to come and pick it up as it was working fine..."

    Kishan Bangalore
  • "very fast and excellent work. i am very much happy "

    Sriram Boppana USA
  • "Good professional work by I Repair! "

    Sriranga Bangalore
  • "Thanks a ton for repairing my Iphone 2G screen. You have just taken one day time to fix it. You guys are real professionals. Thanks for fast and professional service. Also I wish you much more success in your business."

    Shree Bangalore
  • "Excellent Service. Highly appreciate their profesionality. "

    Sreedhar Saraswathi Bangalore
  • "I shattered my 2 day old 64GB iPad screen when my little daughter threw a remote on it. The touch screen was totally unresponsive and I was clueless what to do. Felt even worse when I came to know that warranty doesn't cover it. Then I searched through google for "iPad Screen Repair india" and found iRepair.com. Harsha and Ajay were extremely polite and professional right from the start. I trusted them enough to ship my iPad to an unknown distant company found online . They kept me updated constantly and their service was really quick. Got my iPad sent back in a days time through express courier. You can trust all your devices with these guys! They Rock!!! A+++ service guaranteed. "

    Joshy George Trivandrum, Kerala
  • "Mind Blowing .. Ajay told i would take only 15 min to fix the problem...I didn't believe that ... but to my surprise got it fixed in 15 mins .. Great going guys .. Would surely recommend to my friends ... "

    Balaji Bangalore
  • "Excellent Service. I had not thought that iPhone's broken LCD will be fixed in few hours. Very professional on all aspects. I recommend their service to everyone "

    Pankaj Bangalore
  • "I got my Iphone Panel replacement in just 15 min, IRepair.in is so quick and fast. Great Guys…. Wonderful Customer service. Thank you so much. "

    David Suneil Kumar Mangalore
  • 'The response time to the problem ticket and resolution of the problem has been fantastic. Ajay's understanding of the problem, approach to rectify the same was amazing. I am amazed by the thorough professional approach adopted and wish "All the best". I rate them 10/10. Should I face any problem in future or I come across some one having problem with their iphone/ipod, I will surely recommend Ajay/iRepair."

    Kanthilal M Jain Bangalore
  • "If there is a difference between good customer service and great customer service, then this is it.. For something as valuable as my Iphone, i felt i was in safe hands when i logged my troubleshooting ticket and hit the "Submit" button- and within moments i recieved a call asking me more details of the problem on my Iphone. Not only did i get my Iphone fixed in time, but i also got constant updates regarding the status of the phone. I have been in the Support Industry for throughout my career and i can confidently vouch that this has been one of the best support experiences i have had. Don't venture with the other local stores who offer repairs at a cheaper rate, since at the end of the day- we want quality of work on our valuables.. which Irepair.in is gauranteed to deliver..! Thanks Harsha, for something as smart as Irepair.in..! "

    Nikhil Mehta Bangalore
  • " thanks for a wonderful service in the first place. The phone is working better than before after getting the battery replaced by a more powerful one. What I liked the most is the way you approached the problem, your insightful observations and comments which helped me make the right decision. I am really glad that you have understood the customer pulse to the last beat. Keep up the great job. wishing you all the very best and I will most definitely recommend you to all the iphone owners I know."

    Sharadaprasad Bangalore
  • "Incredible Service! When I had researched first, I came to know that the price of replacing an iphone screen was 10k.. delayed it for 2 months.. till I could delay no more.. I raised a ticket at iRepair after reading the testimonials in the morning at 8:30, 10:30 I had a call, 11:30 I handed over my phone to Sunil, Had an update call at 1:30, Phone was handed to me in the night! And surprise surprise, the phone was handed over with a new screen guard and a new home button! Kudos Guys! "

    Ankur Hyderabad
  • "Very good service . Fast n very satisfactory. Have been to apple service center and other places for service but their Tat is 4 to 5 days whereas repair does it within half an hour. "

    Aneena george Hyderabad
  • "I had problems with my 3 ipods and I did not know whom to approach all thesedays as apple stores didnot help me at all! Then one of my relatives suggested me iRepair.in and I got prompt service and my ipods were back in action!! Thanks to Ajay and his team for being so useful to ipod users."

    Achut Hegde Bangalore
  • "Great Service . Got my IPOD battery replaced , the Apple Company didnt do it said spare battery not available in India and advised me t pay Rs.3500 and get refurbished ipod with 6 months warranty. What a shame . Thanks to Iriver its battery replaced at half the cost and 6 months warranty too. ."

    Tayeb Reza Bangalore
  • "Prompt response and good service by the duo. Had good experience getting my iphone fixed. Did not have to do much follow up and the phone was delivered as promised. Thanks Ajay! "

    Vishnu Shetty Bangalore
  • "Harsha is doing commendable job! He is very passionate in solving problems and helping people in the quickest possible way, be it updating the tickets or calling his customers back to understand and solve the issues - a true professional. I would strongly recommend iRepair without any hesitation. "

    Hanumantha Rao Bangalore
  • "Excellent! It was so fast and perfect ! A relief to all Mac Owners... to know you are at arms length. "

    Dipali Sikand Bangalore
  • ""I am very satisfied with the service, in just a matter of minutes, my iPod was serviced and I was on my way home. "

    Neil Bangalored
  • "Really prompt and good service. Huge relief when i saw my iPhone screen light up again thank u! "

    Deepti Mangalore
  • "When my ipod was dead the first thing that came to my mind was an "authorized" apple service center. But their policy - "We will give you refurb ipod and it takes about 15 working days and the warranty is for 3 months only and you will lose all your data and this and that and so on". I got iRepair from google and my ipod was alive in 2 hours with a 6 month warranty on the battery (Apple - original) and I get to keep my data and my ipod as well. Thanks to Harsha for a very quick turnaround. I would certainly recommend you guys to all my friends. And yes... Just in case something happens in future the first thing that will come to mind will be iRepair.

    Ajay Bangalore
  • 'I would like to thank Ajay for fixing my iPhone 2g problem . He is most reliable guy when it comes to iPhone repair Identified actual issue and fixed it for reliable price . If it wouldn't have been him, I wud have had paperweight . Thanks Ajay for getting my iPhone back to normal condition"

    Vinay Shet Bangalore
  • "Harsha has done a real good job in fixing the problem of my ipod 6th gen LCD screen. The technical details about the problem and the support has been outstanding. They were real quick in fixing the issue the actual time taken to fix the problem was not more than 3 hrs. I am happy customer of irepair.in. Kudos to Harsha and Ajay for helping us people and taking good care of our Apple-of-our-i."

    Ashish Kumar Bajpai Bangalore
  • "this is fantastic, I didn't expect this to work. Or to get a speedy reply. Now I can relax I don't have to worry about my I phone. Thanks once again Wishing you guys all the best ."

    Vinay Bangalore
  • "When my ipod was dead the first thing that came to my mind was an "authorized" apple service center. But their policy - "We will give you refurb ipod and it takes about 15 working days and the warranty is for 3 months only and you will lose all your data and this and that and so on". I got iRepair from google and my ipod was alive in 2 hours with a 6 month warranty on the battery (Apple - original) and I get to keep my data and my ipod as well. Thanks to Harsha for a very quick turnaround. I would certainly recommend you guys to all my friends. And yes... Just in case something happens in future the first thing that will come to mind will be iRepair.

    Ajay Bangalore
  • "I had a great experience.. Snappy..not misleading at all and the transaction was very smooth. Exactly the way I like it "

  • "Thank you for your prompt service. Really appreciate it.... "

    Shubendu Chennai

    Arun Bangalore
  • "After year half I got a v.good pit stp for my iPhone 3G repairs... "

    Praveen Bangalore
  • "Excellent service! Great Job! A++++ "

    Premanth Pune
  • "thanks for your replies...it helped me a lot....all the best.. "

    Manish London
  • "Excellent service; extremely quick turnaround and my phone works great! Was also impressed with the friendliness, sincerity and professionalism!!! "

    Saurabh Bangalore
  • "I am very happy to share, irepair provides trusted service. "

    Mahesh Ragineni Bangalore
  • 'I am writing to you to express my thank you and happiness over the repaid of my iPod. Your website seems to give an impression that I was dealing with a bunch of students! But my experience with you was far from it and stunningly pleasant. I was impressed by your speed (of both repair as well as reaching out to me). Your knowledge of what Apple is doing in the country (going beyond being an electronics repairing geek - if I may use the word) is also impressive. Keep up the good work! I will definitely, without hesitation, recommend you to anyone I meet with an iPod problem.

    Govind Bangalore
  • "It was a very simple and rewarding experience. I started with creating a Help Trouble Ticket on the website to request assistance for my defunct LCD screen, which went blank when I dropped my iPhone. Received a call the same evening from Ajay, who offered to fix my defective screen at my location, since he was around my neighbourhood. Unfortunately, I had given my Phone to my friend for diagnosis and did not get it back for a week. I then called Ajay to see if he could resolve the issue. He obliged by asking me to visit him at his location in Bangalore. I drove down to his location and had the LCD replaced. The replacement took about 15 minutes and the phone was back to working condition and I was a happy customer. Will recommend this service to anyone interested in having their iPhone/iPod fixed. "

    Ajith Bangalore
  • "It was very good to see that people from bangalore can repair iPhone so well.The response was very quick and the repair was done in 30 mins. which was amzing. The person was vry polite and took lot of interest in solving the problem. I would definitely come back to them if I hjave any issues with my iPhone ( whicih i hope should not come !!) "

    Ramprasad Bangalore
  • "I would like to give a 5 star rating for the service provided by iRepair.. firstly the e-ticketing system was very unique...very interesting indeed to see such a system in India..this has cleared out most of the doubts like-- " can the iPod be repaired or not? " .. " what if i go all the way to the shop and come to know that this cant be repaired?!" etc... secondly the prompt responses over the e-ticket...it was quite impressive to get such fast responses..i thought it just be another form in a website which no one would care to look at after creating...in fact the quick n clear responses prompted me to choose ur service.. Then... the service itself was verry satisfactory... the time taken for the service..hardly 20 mins i guess..n the expertise with which it was done is laudable....the value which gave to the customer's time n effort is worth a mention.. On the whole the service was one of a kind , as, in my prior enquiries in other stores(some of them authorized Apple stores) i came to know that a LCD damage in a Apple iPod can not be repaired anywhere in India...iRepair proves them wrong...keep up the good work..n thanks again for the gr8 service..wish u all the success...n hope u widen ur services to electronic items of other brands also.."

    Srividya Bangalore
  • "I dropped my iPhone 3G and the headphone stopped working, could only use the speaker... Called Ajay, he told me to restart my phone.. Didn't help.. So he requested me to meet him .. In less than 20 minutes I had my phone in working order.. Thank you.. It's an excellent initiative.."

    Rupa Lalithkumar Hyderabad
  • "Thanks a lot Ajay and harsha.. I was wandering around for the right place to get my iphone repaired. good job guys!!! ;-) "

    Karthik Bangalore
  • "Had a problem with my iPhone speaker. Went to the Apple shop but they were unable/ unwilling to help. They did however direct me to irepair and in 20 minutes my phone was fixed. It is worrying that Apple will not fix their products. But very reassuring that irepair is around. Thanks for everything - much appreciated!!"

    Sunehra Koshy Bangalore
  • "Great service! I had a shattered screen on my iPod touch and had no hopes of reviving it. But, after giving it to iRepair my ipod came back like it was brand new in no time. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work."

    Nisha Anand Bangalore
  • "Job well done.Im a satisfied customer. "

    Devendra Vyas Banaglore
  • "good service. appreciable and worth for the money. "

    Chakra Bangalore
  • "Service was great. I had frequent updates about the status of my phone. Overall, It was good & I definitely recommend it to others. "

    Srinivas Annam Bangalore
  • "Excellent work! timely repsonse, well co-ordinated! Good work guys!! "

    Varun Luthra Bangalore
  • 'I Shattered my iPhone Touch Panel. Was very worried about getting it serviced here in bangalore (Lack of Apple Support and Vodafone stopping iPhone support) or in singapore (Too expensive or they will ask me to buy a new phone under plan). Glad I found the iRepair.in guys ... met them this evening and they replaced the touch panel in 20mins while i wait. reasonably priced too. Will recommend them to anyone having troubles with their i**** Devices. I wish they can also help with my iMac screen problem. "

    Siva Sai N Singapore
  • "Quick response + follow up from irepair and in a short while replaced by screen glass of iPhone 3g. The commitment and corporate way of functioning is of high standard. Reliable team with good time presence. Thanks irepair"

    Akshay M Bangalore
  • "Hats off to Harsha & Ajay for the innovative entrepreneurial initiative. I wish more youngsters come up with such initiatives. This is the need of the hour. Your commitment at work is exemplary. Please continue with your impeccable service and am sure you will be ever successful. By the way, thanks for fixing up the touch screen of my ipod touch quickly. "

    Vijay Bangalore
  • "A shiny new ipod nano gifted to me by a friend, fell down and the display got cracked. Apple refused to repair as it had no warranty. I'm grateful to Harsha from irepair.in for replacing the display in a jiffy. I really appreciate the quality of work and fast service they provided. It was worth every rupee I paid, especially the product being a valued gift for me. The Ipod is now running in its best condition. Thanks irepair.in! I'l surely refer my friends to you in case they have issues with their ipod/iphones"

    Arvind Bhatt Bangalore
  • "One fine day, I find my iPOD not retaining the charge. When I took it to the Apple centre, they said, they will only give me a refurbished one. I felt its a very bad policy from Apple to use only the refurbished mode of repairs. I was only wondering that this has become a very costly USB device to hold 4GB of data. I was introduced to Harsha from iRepair through my colleague and he was very professional in handling the whole case. Infact he picked up the iPOD from my office and gave it back at my office :-) Infact the problem was not with the battery and iRepair did the repair work within hours. Thanks iRepair for the quick and honest repair job. Will recommend this to all my friends as well."

    Prasanna Bangalore
  • "I appreciate for your quick turn around time to solve my ipod problem. It makes me comfortable to get in touch with you for future support. I will forward my friends if they have any problem with their ipod. Thanks for your user friendly support"

    swaramoorthy Chenniappan Bangalore
  • "One day my iPhone 2g fell down and the glass panel got shattered into pieces. Bcoz of that impact, my camera, speakers everything stopped working. Then i started searching for the guys who can repair it for me. Many have said NO to repair and others were too costlier. Finally i got the details of iRepair from JustDial. Contacted harsha and explained the problem with my iPhone. He promised me to give it back in full working condition and that too at a reasonable price. Now i have my iphone in a very good working condition. Thanks a lot to harsha. Nice place to get all the iPhone & iPod services in bangalore. Good work."

    Raghavendra Chitragar Bangalore
  • "My second generation Ipod suddenly decided it was time to display a white screen of death. The problem seemed so serious that I had to possibly replace the Ipod. But when I called Irepair they were able to diagnose the problem over phone. I took the Ipod to their service center and within half an hour my Ipod was back in action with a very reasonable service cost and a six month warranty. I am very impressed with the quality of service provided and will definitely recommend them to everyone with an Ipod problem. Keep up the good work."

    Thejendra Bangalore
  • "My second generation Ipod suddenly decided it was time to display a white screen of death. The problem seemed so serious that I had to possibly replace the Ipod. But when I called Irepair they were able to diagnose the problem over phone. I took the Ipod to their service center and within half an hour my Ipod was back in action with a very reasonable service cost and a six month warranty. I am very impressed with the quality of service provided and will definitely recommend them to everyone with an Ipod problem. Keep up the good work."

    Karan Shetty Banaglore
  • "Happy with the service, the product is working fine after battery replacment "

    Savitha Bhat Bangalore
  • "Irepair.in is the best. When I needed to get my ipod battery replaced they did in one day and were always replied quickly to queries. Keep up the good work! . "

    Srinivas Annam Bangalore
  • "irepair has been very helpful.Ajay helped me fix the problem within minutes. I strongly suggest any of you having a problem with your ipod to contact them. "

    Nirup Bangalore
  • 'In response to my cry for help regarding my ipod video, Harsha from irepair.in responded quite quickly. During our meeting, when I described the problem I was facing with my gadget (which was somewhat akin to "something's wrong with it, please fix it", Harsha took it with a promise of getting a fully functional ipod back to me. I realized that Harsha was working out of a distinct passion for this kind of work and deriving pleasure from helping the helpless. It was quite a revelation to see that in this rather crassly commercial world. After a few days, during which he presumably tinkered with the problematic gizmo, he called me back explaining the problem and the possible solution with the associated costs. Within the next 24 hours, I had a fully functional item with me. Just as promised. For a very reasonable cost as well. I am very impressed with the nature and quality of service provided. I recommend everyone with i-'whatever' to call irepair folks with their grievances and get it resolved. Thanks Harsha, I appreciate your help"

    Arvind V Singapore
  • "Thanks a zillion for frepairing my ipod which as you know was even declined by the apple store here in Bangalore. I would like to congratulate you guys with such an innovative approach and making the best use it. Your's a Win-Win model for both the service-provider and the customer. I would like to wish you all these best in all your upcoming endeavors"

    Kuldeep Bangalore
  • "I had a minor problem in my IPod and people suggested getting a new one is the only way out!!! These guys were able to set it right over a cup of coffee within fifteen minutes.....Great job ... Keep the good work going..... "

    Rajaraman MN Bangalore