Started by two gadget freaks as a hobby, iRepair has grown as team.

  • Harsha P J

    Inconveniences lead to adventure and our protagonist bears verity of this fact. Harsha figured what he was carved for in the summer of 2008 when he visited the Imagine store , Forum Mall , Koramangala, with his first Apple product , an iPod Photo 60GB, which had suddenly given up on him.

    If you've ever given a device for servicing, you would know what it's like when sales guys are about to drop a bomb on you. This particular salesman looked at Harsha's iPod and told him it was out of warranty and would cost him a whopping Rs. 6,000/- to get it fixed.

    For a student who barely managed to get through the month with a fixed amount of pocket money, getting an iPod serviced for Rs.6, 000 was definitely out of the question so he headed back home wondering how to fix his iPod without burning a hole in his pocket.

    And who would have imagined Harsha's first application of what he was studying then (Electrical Engineering) would be on his own iPod but there he was reassuring himself that nothing could go wrong trying to fix a dead iPod. The tool he used to open the gizmo was but an ordinary metal ruler and what lay before him amazed the Engineering genius in him.

    It was the best engineered product he had ever seen. It had a 1.8 inch Toshiba HDD, amazingly tiny circuitry, et al. Harsha had just dismantled his first iPod and then put back each component in place and lo and behold, the device booted and all was well! This accidental success was his stepping stone to success as the co-founder of iRepair.

  • Ajay Hegde

    In between night duties and going on rural health checkups as a medical intern, Ajay managed to find time to do something well out of his area of study and well into his field of interest.

    It was around May-June 2008 when he was still pursuing his MBBS degree that one of Harsha's friends gave him an iPod Nano 2G with a faulty clickwheel. Without much ado, the two best friends ordered the spare online and after 2-3 weeks of waiting, the spare finally reached them.

    Despite being used to only classroom education, Ajay can vouch that if it weren't for the online tutorials he watched on ' How to successfully Disassembly an iPod Nano 2g ' he wouldn't have fixed the first device that came to him for repair.

    He sat down with the device and after a hard time with the disassembly, he managed to successfully replace the damaged component. Getting a non-working iPod to work just fine was no trivial feat and before he knew it, Ajay was not just a doctor to his patients but also became a doctor of the "i".

  • Suneil Gupta

    For someone who has always been in the limelight whether as a guitarist of a band or as the Cultural Secretary of his college, Suneil has always gone with the flow, and time and tide have brought him to where he was meant to be- iRepair.

    Backed by a B.Com degree, followed by an MBA, Suneil's tryst with iRepair was when he and Harsha ended up as classmates while they were pursuing their post graduation.

    In hardly any time, spotlight's favourite child began shouldering the responsibility of dealing with clients and taking charge of i-Repair's marketing needs. With his exceptional communication and social skills, Suneil segues effortlessly between dealing with customers on one hand and vendors on the other.