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In June 2007 Apple released the first iPhone . It was a combination of the iPod, Phone and a Internet device. It was completely different from all the “smartphones” of that era and a game changer in every sense. On its 10th birthday we at iRepair India share a video from WSJ with you here so that you can sit back and refresh your memories as to how the “iPhone” was born .

Around a year after the iPhone was released Harsha and I started a company called, an online portal for repair of Apple iPods as they were the only Apple Devices available in the Indian market at that time . Soon , as the demand increased , we expanded our portfolio and rebranded ourselves as iRepair India supporting the full range of Apple Devices. The first iPhone Repair we performed was an iPhone 2G with a Broken Screen, where we offered the customer a Screen Replacement Service. It was then that we introduced the concept of the 60 minute repair for iPhone Screen Replacement at a cafe near you. Since then , the iPhone has evolved by leaps and bounds over the years to become one of the best selling smartphones of all time . We , at iRepair have also expanded to now serve customers with our stores in Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai and Manipal while being one of the largest and best rated Apple Product Service Centres in India .