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The iPhone camera has progressed leaps and bounds since the first iPhone was launched 10 years ago . Starting with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , the iPhone now supports shooting in RAW as well . This is a significant improvement and this helps the users to capture uncompressed and unprocessed photos that can be really brought to life in post-production . While Apple’s built in default Camera app doesn’t support RAW , Apple has allowed third party developers to implement it and launch Camera apps which help the end users get the best out of their iPhones .
Today , let us take a look at 2 third party apps for photography on iOS and how you can use it to take better and interesting photos on the iPhone and maybe even get on the next Shot on iPhone campaign too .
1 ) ProCam 4 for iOS
Pro Cam 4 holds the record of being among the App Store Best app of the year for two years in a row in 2014 and 2015. The camera interface on the ProCam 4 app is almost similar to the interface on the stock camera app on the iPhone and it lets you click images in RAW , TIFF and HDR modes . Where it also does better , is that it gives a histogram on the screen along with quick editing controls for Exposure Value , Shutter Speed , ISO , White Balance and Focus settings . The Focus and Exposure settings can also be locked on the screen .

Samples of the regular app screen with the settings bar at the bottom with the roller .

Locking the Exposure , Focus and White Balance on the Screen

The app also comes with a built in Rapid fire mode and tilt meter to help you to level your snaps while letting you choose between Grids / Golden Circle etc which hobbyist photographers / aspiring professionals will find handy .
Pro Cam 4 is feature rich and also supports different modes like 3D Photos , Night Mode , Slow Shutter ( Motion Blur , Light Trail and Low Light modes ) , Time Lapse and Burst Modes .

Example of Light Trail photography on the Pro Cam app ( tripod recommended )

Example of Motion Blur photography on Pro Cam 4 app ( tripod recommended )

It also supports shutter release modes like Anti-Shake , Interval , Self-Timer and Screen Shutter options and also powerful editing options like Perspective Correction which helps correct vertical and horizontal distortions in both photos and videos .

Shutter release options on Pro-Cam 4 app

Perspective Correction on the Pro-Cam 4 app .

The Pro Cam 4 App also lets people record videos in VGA , 720p,1080p,4K Ultra HD and 4K Max with frame rates between 48 and 240 .
Overall , it is an amazingly useful camera app with easy to use Apple watch support via a dedicated Apple watch app too and costs around USD4.99 or around 400INR .
You can buy the app on the iOS store here :
Photo credit : Pro Cam App
2 ) Blackie for iOS
The stock camera app for iPhone does not shoot Black and White directly and the only way to shoot Black and white until now was to click a normal photo on the regular camera app or some other third party apps and then edit them with third party editing apps like Snapseed / Lightroom for iOS . All this changes with Blackie . Blackie is a simple and clutter free camera app that specializes in shooting in Black and White on the iPhone . From a casual photographer to a professional , Blackie has been made keeping everyone in mind . Its minimal design and many features will make it your most preferred iOS app for Black & White photography .


A sample home screen on the Blackie app . Photo courtesy : Mobiography.

Blackie is an app that lets the photographer a chance to select from a range of pre-sets , settings and adjustment options that helps the user to get the best black and white photo possible . The app has a simple layout and contemporary design with shooting presets , adjustment settings and filters located at the bottom of the screen while controls for grid layouts , flash , front and back cameras are on top .
There are 8 different presets that offer the beginner with different black and white settings that help the user start off while getting to try the app .

The Mods option also comes with 9 different settings like film type , brightness , contrast , filter , vignette , fade , shadow and highlight control and image sharpness that can be further fine tuned . This is an incredibly well thought out app that lets people get the best out of each photograph they take with the app .

The app also comes with a random shuffle setting that gives the adventurous ones a randomly selected look each time it is pressed .

The Blackie app also offers the ability of manually controlling the focus , exposure and white balance settings on the camera while proving pro-camera type grids to aid in better quality photography  .

Another interesting feature of Blackie is that it lets you import your existing color photos into the app from your camera roll and then let you apply the Blackie range of filters and setting adjustments to the photo .
Blackie lets people click photos in JPEG Maximum Quality and TIFF Lossless Format.
Blackie by Brutality Arts is available on the Apps store for USD0.99 or for 80INR.
You can buy the app here :
Photos courtesy : Blackie by Brutality Arts and Mobiography
Let me know how you liked them if any of you try these apps out and also if you want me to showcase any other photography related apps on our blog and I will be happy to do so .
Have a good weekend everyone .