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Medscape, by WebMD, is a great medical reference tool offered for iOS and Android platforms. The app is completely free, without ads but does require you to register for a free account, which then pushes feeds based on your speciality.  Once done, you can look up medications and drugs, check interactions, Calculate simple results using formulas (GFR, Hyponatremia correction). It provides a comprehensive description about every disease / disorder (more reliable than Wikipedia), protocols for most common problems, treatment algorithms and more. It also has a brief description about basic procedures for quick reference. Personally I love the drug dosage calculators, interaction checkers and guidelines list. In todays connected world this is a must have application for every doctor. The best part being every bit of it if free.

Read by QxMD

Read is an app for both iOS and Android that centralizes all your medical literature and journals. It allows you to pick a list of your favourite journal or speciality of interest and streams latest articles just like your Facebook feed. Free articles may be available for free else, you may need to purchase the article. You can also create collections of your own or follow collections of top rated doctors. The Library feature archives all your downloaded articles for quick reference. The app is available for the iPad and desktop as well making sync and reading more easier.

Figure 1

If i had one line to describe this app it would be Instagram for doctors.  Vast collection of rare images, what you don’t normally learn in a routine textbook. It lets you choose your interested organ / speciality and pushes feeds based on interests. Lot of images and comments may be junk and uninteresting, but few cases are really unique.  The app guarantees patient privacy with automatic face-blocking and removal of identifying information. This app is free to download and use.


MDCalc is the most user friendly uncomplicated medical calculator on the App Store. It may not have all the calculators but if it has the relevant ones you would need, then it’s the app to go for. Apart from the crisp User Interface the app provides in depth information about each calculator, it’s results and also the creator of the calculator. It’s regularly updated with the latest guidelines and helps you stay on top of you class always. If the calculator your looking for isn’t available on MDCalc the next best option would be Qx Calculate from the same stable as Read