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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. While we expect Apple to introduce the yearly upgraded model in the form of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, we are also expecting a complete overhaul of the existing iPhone into a fresh new device as a special anniversary edition which may be called the iPhone 8 / iPhone X . While expectations are high and rumours are everywhere on the internet, lets have a quick look at what in store for the most expected phone of the year, the iPhone 8.


The iPhone 8 is expected to feature a radical redesign, with an edge-to-edge display eliminating the top and bottom bezels. Rumours are that touch ID will be replaced by facial recognition technology, but we don’t agree completely with those reports. We think that there is a very good possibility that Apple may include Touch ID under the power button assembly which is rumoured to be slightly more elongated compared to the existing power button on the iPhone 7 Plus.  Facial recognition technology may be an addition to the existing Touch ID is what we presume which was further supported by Apple Homepod firmware release which has detailed codes for both Touch ID and facial recognition which is referred to as Pearl ID .  The home button may be replaced by a programmable on screen home button . 
Apple would have pulled off a winner if they have found a way to successfully integrate the Touch ID under the OLED Display but there is a large possibility that this may not be possible in time for the iPhone 8 . 
With an edge-to-edge design, the iPhone 8 may be similar in size to the 4.7-inch iPhone, but with a display almost the size of the 5.5-inch iPhone. Rumors suggest it will feature a 5.8-inch display with 5.15 inches of usable area, with the rest dedicated to virtual buttons that will replace the existing Home button.
The display is supposed to be a flexible plastic OLED rather than a LCD. This would allow Apple to introduce a thinner device that consumes less power and offers a better display with higher contrast ratio and more true to life colors. It will feature a slightly curved 2.5D display that’s similar to the display used in the iPhone 7.
The back panel which was metal in the last few generations now seems to be replaced by glass, making it the first device after the iPhone 4S to feature a glass back panel.

iPhone 8 Render
iPhone 8 concept design
iphone 8
iPhone 8 Touch Design
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Packing material Leak


The iPhone 8 is expected to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip. This will make the iPhone both faster and more efficient. It could also include features like induction-based wireless charging and biometric additions like facial recognition that would be used for device security, perhaps to replace Touch ID. In higher-end models with a dual-lens camera, both lenses are expected to feature optical image stabilization.

Wireless Charging

The iPhone 8  is expected to include wireless charging similar to the Apple Watch. Its rumoured to be a WPC-based Qi wireless charging solution that will be enabled through an optional accessory.


Storage capacity of the iPhone may not change from the exsiting 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Its likely to use NAND flash memory supplied by Samsung.


The iPhone 8 may have the same RAM as the iPhone 7 , 3GB


iPhone 8 Camera
The dual back cameras which are horizontal on the iPhone 7 plus will go to become vertically aligned in the next iPhone to help it with Augmented Reality . The iPhone 8 may record 4K video from both front camera and back cameras in 60fps compared to current scenario where back camera does 4K in 30fps and front camera only records in 1080p. All these will be useful for augmented reality / AR that Apple is investing in heavily via AR Kit.
The iPhone could automatically detect the scene you’re looking at and help adjust settings automatically. Camera mode can now detect QR codes and documents with iOs 11.

Battery Life and charging

The iPhone 8 is expected to house a L shaped battery of around 2700mAh. It is also predicted to ship with a 10W USB-C wall charger. The 10W power adapter would include a USB-C connector (and a Lightning to USB-C cable) along with an integrated USB-C Power Delivery chip thus paving the way for Apple to finally introduce fast charging on the iPhone .
iPhone 8 Charging


The iPhone 8 will be bundled with iOS 11. Watch this space for a complete review of the iOS 11.


The iPhone 8 is expected to be the costliest iPhone yet with the base model expected to cost over 1000USD and the top end model rumored to be in the range of 1300USD . 
Overall , it seems like an exciting time for all iPhone lovers and in around a month’s time , we expect Apple to announce the next set of iPhones . What do you feel about the iPhone 8 ? Do you like the new rumored design with the edge to edge display ? Will you be buying one ? 
As always , we will try our best to get you hands on with the iPhone 8 as soon as it’s launched and while we are excited to try it out soon , we are more eagerly waiting to take it apart and perform the first iPhone 8 Screen replacement soon ! 
Photo credit : iDrop News