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AirPrint was a simple Wifi Protocol which revolutionised how we print directly from out Apple Devices. While LRP Printer Servers have been available to convert your Ordinary Printer to a wifi printer, these are restricted to Desktop devices and aren’t of any use for iOS Devices. We found a simple application which installs on your iMac or MacBook and converts its wired/ wireless printer to a AirPrint compatible device.
handyPrint™ is a 2MB software from Netputing which makes this process a breeze. Lets go through the steps here.

Download Now
Step 1 : Next, open the handyPrint DMG file and drag the application icon to the Applications folder as shown below:

Step 2 : Run the Application from Launchpad after installation
Step 3 : Simply click Open to allow the application to run. Click on the ON/OFF switch to activate handyPrint:

Step 4: Open your iPhone / iPad and enjoy printing
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Step 5: Donate $5 and support the application (Rs.325/-) . Thats less than a Meal !
Step 6: Share this Post