Koramangala, Bangalore

iPhone 7S Preview

Everyone’s excited about the new iPhones’ set to release later next month. While all eyes are focussed on the release of the all new iPhone 8, we seem to have forgotten about the other two iPhones that will be released along with the iPhone 8, i.e the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7 Plus.
Both these iPhone’s will be upgrades to the existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. While the form factor will remain the same, a processor and specification upgrade is more likely. Our team in China got their hands on Display units for the new iPhone 7. They are similar to the iPhone 7 Display, the connectors are at the same location and the design is exactly the same. One notable difference between the displays is a metal / plastic clip which will secure the display tightly on to the main frame.
So people waiting for the iPhone 7S / 7S Plus, guess its just gonna be a more powerful device in the same old shell.
iPhone 7S Display iPhone 7S Display