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Two weeks with the iPhone X – my initial impressions .

I have been using the iPhone since 2009 when I first bought the iPhone 3GS and over the years , I have used the iPhone 4 , 5 , 6 , 6S and iPhone 7 Plus . On November 3, the launch day, I upgraded to the iPhone X . I have been using the iPhone X for almost 2 weeks now and here are my initial impressions of the same .
iPhone X buyer


The iPhone X , despite a 5.8inch display , feels perfect in my hands. Having used the iPhone 6 and 6S for around 2 years , I loved the size and feel of the device and how I could use the iPhone with only one of my hands. I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus last year and along with it I had gotten accustomed to using my iPhone with both hands . Now, moving to the iPhone X felt like the best of both worlds, the large 5.8inch display along with the flexibility of using my phone with a single hand .

Face ID

Face ID has to be one of the key wow factors on this iPhone for me and has worked almost every single time that I have used the iPhone . Apple has integrated Face ID on everything from App logins to passwords in safari . I like how all my notifications are hidden and open up to reveal the content almost instantly upon IDing my face . I love how Face ID is so easy to use , in the sense that it just authenticates me and immediately shows me what I want to see compared to my old experience with older iPhones where I had to perform an action of putting my finger on the home button to enable Touch ID . The only drawback I can see with Face ID right now is that it works with only one face and I would love if Apple opens it up to add 1-2 more faces just like how Touch ID scans up to 5 fingers .


Apple has traditionally used LCDs for all their iPhones over the years and with the iPhone X , they have finally moved to OLED . These displays are breathtaking and have to be among the best displays on a mobile device till date . I take a lot of photos on my iPhone and the results of these photographs are crisp and the colors are not overly saturated like other premium handsets using OLED displays . I also have to mention that I love the edge to edge display on this phone and have also watched a few videos without any issues / obstructions from the notch .


The iPhone X is made with Glass for both the front and the back panels and has polished stainless steel sides . It is the first time since the iPhone 4 and 4S that Apple has gone back to glass front and back panels and it brings back fond memories of these iPhones .

Home Button

The iPhone X marks a radical shift for Apple in the sense that they have moved away from the physical home button . Instead , they have now come up with a new gesture that allows you to swipe up from the bottom of the display and return to the home screen . There is also a multitasking gesture that is now present where we can move between apps by scrolling from side to side similar to the 4 finger gestures on the iPad . I absolutely love the gestures on the iPhone X and cant see myself going back to the home button on the iPhone anytime soon . Im also looking forward to the next version of the iPad when Apple will hopefully move away from the home button onto a similar setup .

Battery life

The iPhone X , although smaller in size compared to the iPhone 8 Plus , houses a larger capacity battery compared to the 8 Plus thanks to some clever space management by Apple . The OLED screen , coupled with the larger battery means that the iPhone X battery lasts for almost a full day on a medium – normal use day and even has up to 10-20% Battery free by midnight on light use days .This makes it on par , if not better than the iPhone 8 Plus for battery life . While the iPhone X takes about 2 hours 15 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 on the regular charger , the fast charging mode enables it to charge from 0-100 in around 1 hour .
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Overall , the iPhone X is a significant upgrade from all the previous models and it has grown on me over the last 2 weeks that I have used the device . I will continue to come back with newer and interesting details about the iPhone X in future blog posts and I would be happy to answer any queries that you may have as you go about making the decision to upgrade to the iPhone X . I would rate the iPhone X a solid 8.5/10 .
Watch this space for updates on iPhone X repairs and iPhone X Screen replacement service.